CMS-Friendly Translation with Lingotek

Globally, consumers are spending an estimated $694 billion online this year, according to Common Sense Advisory.

Approximately 96 percent of global consumers live outside of the United States, and 70 percent of global Web users visit websites in their own language. What's more, Web users are four times more likely (according to IDC Research) to make a purchase from a company if the company communicates in the buyer's native language.

If you've struggled with internationalization and translation specifically, it's becoming easier each and every day. Translation network LingoTek, for example, announced it is expanding its collection of content management system integrations. Companies that translate and localize their content can present users with compelling content and offers in their native languages, taking advantage of users' existing habits in order to gain advantages in markets around the world.

Lingotek is also introducing version 5.0 of its Multilingual API which will enable developers to integrate with Lingotek and create modules for SalesForce, WordPress, Git, Joomla, Liferay and others. Lingotek already supports applications such as Atlassian, Drupal, Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter. Through these plug-ins and modules, users can access the Lingotek Translation Management System from within their own systems to create and manage multilingual content.

"Companies are seeing a growing need to integrate translation management plug-ins and applications into their online infrastructure," said Matt Smith, Director of Integrations of Lingotek. "The Lingotek platform makes translation and localization simple and cost-effective, opening the doors to new global markets for both companies and developers."