Apps Surge Producing Record Numbers for Conduit Publishers

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 29 Apr, 2010

Just 10 months after its launch, the Conduit App Marketplace is producing record levels of engagement for hundreds of large Web publishers and thousands of smaller ones. The company has reported that its network is growing by 19 new users per second and that the Conduit App Marketplace is now the world's largest with more than 100 million active users.

In total, over 2.14 billion monthly user activities and brand interactions are generated across the Conduit Network of 220,000 Web publishers. These increases in traffic, ecommerce, search, subscriptions, affiliate marketing and other facets of Internet business are being experienced by big-brand companies and smaller, long-tail online marketers alike, including the following examples:

-    Coke Zero/Avatar App: 24 hours after the first activation, this app was distributed to one million users in the Conduit Network. Ten days later, the campaign had reached eight million people in over 30 countries and generated nearly one million minutes of total viewing/engagement time.
-    Users of Pitsi, a virtual pet mini-game that can be played from the chrome of the browser, interacted with the game more than 66 million times in the first 10 weeks of the year.
-    The eBay App generated more than one million active users in less than three weeks.
-    Mako, a production company that franchises the Big Brother television show, reports that in the first 24 hours after deployment of the Big Brother Network App, more than 100,000 viewers added it to their browsers. In addition, app users spent 90-percent more time on the site, had a 50-percent higher click-thru rate and a much lower bounce rate than non-app users.

Conduit was founded in 2005 when it introduced the "hosted toolbar" model in which publishers could easily maintain and update their branded software to deliver content and applications across the Web. The groundbreaking free platform is used by major global brands such as Major League Baseball, Fox News and Time-Warner, along with tens of thousands of smaller businesses that have adopted it to increase website traffic and maintain constant engagement with users. Any publisher on the Conduit platform can share their content and apps with the entire network, reaching millions of potential users.