Managing the Sales Process Digitally

Being a sales rep can be difficult, especially in today's increasingly competitive business landscape. Luckily, companies continue to come out with useful business automation solutions that can take care of specific aspects of the sales process and provide sales teams with new insights that can be leveraged for improved results.

That's why CampaignerCRM has just released a new product sales process management solution, known as CampaignerSPM, which can help formalize and track the steps that sales representatives are expected to follow in the sales cycle. It also provides advanced reporting and other integrated features that offer up some dazzling insights and identify key industry trends that can bring in more leads and successful sales.

Basically, CampaignerSPM gives companies and their sales teams real-time stats and information about the success of their sales campaigns, and then allows them to create repeatable, predictable and, most importantly, scalable sales processes that give sales representatives unique benchmarks by which they can navigate through the processes and measure their achievements. This includes different selling cycle phases, the activities in each phase and the tools needed to complete those activities. Moreover, multiple processes can be used for different products, services, markets and customers.

Campaigner says that this type of visibility into each phase of the sales cycle should provide sales managers with the information needed to make "better decisions" and more effectively manage their resources.

"A sales process allows organizations of all sizes to produce more revenue and get better results," said the General Manager of Campaigner, EJ McGowan. "Campaigner SPM allows users to customize an automated process based on their best practices that ensures they are targeting the right prospects, qualifying leads and presenting the right features and benefits at the right time in the sales process."

Among the features included in the CampaignerSPM solution are a customizable and user-friendly platform for easy adoption of CRM, the ability to "clone" best practices for a more consistent sales process, options for sending email campaigns directly from the CRM and a customer communication portal.

CampaignerSPM is available right now with a 25,000 email-per-user limit, unlimited contracts and no seat limitations. All of this costs $59.99 per month for each user.