CRM for Financial Services

Maximizer Software, a provider of traditional CRM and mobile CRM solutions announced its latest edition offers features tailored for the financial services industry - something that as far as I understand it is in short supply.

Maximizer CRM 11 offers several financial services features including built-in financial tools and templates,  client management capabilities such as pre-set fields for "Net Worth" and "Investment Style", task management, an action planner, and mobile access to real-time client information. 

"With more than one million licenses sold-many to some of the world's leading financial services firms-Maximizer CRM continues to be financial professionals' first choice for increasing their long-term book value, particularly in these tough economic times," said Vivek Thomas, president, Maximizer Software. "With financial-specific tools and templates, robust client management functionality and all-access CRM from the desktop, web or mobile device, our latest offering enables financial services professionals to focus on delivering exceptional service that will attract new clients and build customer loyalty."