Delivra Partners with Adobe

Adobe is quietly building up one of the most powerful online marketing platforms available.

Email services provider Delivra just today announced an integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst which will enable marketers to send email messages to specific list segments based on the online activity of customers (courtesy of Adobe's Omniture acquisition). There is clearly a lot of value in connecting email marketing and web analytics together as marketers are able to optimize conversion of online transactions and ultimately increase revenue. Again, this is pretty significant news in the world of email marketing.

"The integration of Delivra and Adobe automatically merges email and analytics data and is providing additional insight to help us understand how our email recipients utilize our website and how our email affects other sources of web traffic," said Rob Schmalz, of Central Restaurant Products. "I am equally impressed with the ability to create custom segments within Adobe SiteCatalyst that trigger timely and relevant emails in Delivra to target specific behaviors."

Delivra customers who subscribe to Adobe SiteCatalyst can personalize email campaigns based on activity, interests and visits to the website. Omniture enables marketers to identify members with specific click-through activity from email campaigns to landing pages, then pass that information back to Delivra for enhanced campaign reporting and remarketing efforts.


"Delivra's Omniture integration provides marketers the gateway to take marketing to the next level," said Neil Berman, president and CEO of Delivra. "Driving engagement is key to conversion, and the more a marketer knows about a customer, the more relevant email becomes."