Dropbox Gets Enterprise-Friendly

File-sharing service OneHub has announced an integration that will provide Dropbox business users greater sharing and collaboration features.

Users that connect with OneHub will have a set of tools to securely share information and have a role-based permission system (and custom branding features - white label) that's layered on top of Dropbox. Business users will likely also appreciate the many collaboration features provided as a result of the integration including comments, tasks and messaging. Essentially, Dropbox is getting more enterprise-friendly.

"Adding a new layer of sharing and collaboration with Onehub makes Dropbox a complete enterprise file sharing service for businesses that currently use Dropbox," said Charles Mount, founder and CEO of Onehub. "Onehub is already in use across more than 50,000 businesses and our integration with Dropbox will extend the Onehub secure sharing and collaboration features to all businesses who rely on Dropbox."