Elance Introduces New Enterprise Hiring Solution

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Sep, 2013

Popular freelance job platform, Elance, has launched a new product to help enterprises hire and manage freelance workers.

The product, dubbed Private Talent Cloud, is a secure enterprise management solution that addresses some of the biggest challenges enterprises face when hiring and managing non-employee workforces. This is because the platform simplifies the process of hiring, managing and paying a freelance workforce on demand.

According to a recent report from Tower Lane Consulting, 60 percent of enterprises plan to increase freelance hiring in 2014, yet identifying the appropriate talent continues to be a challenge. Plus, the report reveals that among the biggest challenges enterprises face when it comes to freelance hiring are payment processes and communication methods.

"Now, through the Private Talent Cloud, managing your extended workforce is as easy as managing your social network," said Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance. "Hiring managers can engage with the best external talent in real time, gaining access to the resources they need to win the war for talent while retaining enterprise-level visibility and control." 

The Private Talent Cloud essentially helps enterprises build and manage their entire network of freelancers, contractors and consultants online. Take a look at some of the platforms most notable benefits below:

Direct access to talent - this solution provides hiring managers with private and real-time access to profiles of every approved freelancer in the company. This makes it easy to manage, collaborate with and securely pay freelancers in any country through just one platform.

Visibility and control - Teams have visibility into freelance and contractor hiring and performance data. Once a project is complete, all freelancers are rated, making it easy to identify the most talented workers.

Recruiting assistance - Not only can enterprises leverage Elance sourcing teams to find talent, but Private Talent Cloud customers can also bring in their own contractors.

In addition, the streamlined process of hiring, managing and paying freelancers helps keep workers happy, as well as reduces the issues that come with traditional staffing solutions.

"We supplement our core team with a network of talented freelancers from around the world, which can be a lot to manage," said Elance customer Julie Clarenbach, editorial manager at The Motley Fool. "Our Private Talent Cloud has dramatically improved how we manage and pay our freelance network-plus, we're keeping our best talent more productive which makes us more competitive."