Growth Hacker Toolbox

Show me a digital marketer that ignores current trends and popular software tools to capitalize on them, and I'll show you someone in the unemployment line.

Savvy growth hackers are hyper-aware of consumer expectations and uber-skilled at identifying best-of-breed solutions to take advantage of available opportunities in order to attract customers, deepen engagement and drive revenue.

Let's take a look at some of the more interesting and accessible solutions that should be within every digital marketer's toolbox today. While readers may be familiar with some of the solutions outlined below, these offerings were selected to provide readers a variety of opportunities to help enterprises promote their brands, products and services in new, unique, compelling and creative ways. What are we waiting for - let's get to it.



An interactive voting brackets creator, Brackify is a simple way to make a user experience interactive. The voting platform is easy to integrate with any website and its variety of poll formats makes obtaining answers and entertaining an audience simple.
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A popular platform to create digital map and visualizations for blog posts, articles or social media. The offering can be used to explain complicated topics, illustrate a sequence of events and present data in a very user-friendly way.

The data visualization tool is a great way to post data in interactive charts, graphs and infographics. Marketers can take advantage of real-time data, embed them easily and even make them available for download.



A unique video production tool that makes it possible to add interactive dialogue elements to boost audience engagement. Add text, images or question boxes, and even quizzes and polls, directly into videos to enrich the content experience.



A unique, interactive media platform for adding rich media links and narrative elements to photos and videos to make content more engaging and shop-able. Ideal for interactive news, infographics and product catalogs, the solution is helpful for tracking how users interact with content.



A popular interactive content creator (quizzes, polls and surveys) that makes it easy for users to share and for marketers to drive traffic to their website. Integrated with well-known marketing platforms, the solution is an excellent way to obtain self-declared user data.



An interactive calculator maker that enables customers to perform simple calculations without leaving a website, which is a great and interactive feature to build relationships with an audience. With Calculoid, customers can visualize the site's extra value while giving them quick answers.



Collect feedback from customers and never miss another chance or opportunity for improvement. The solution offers numerous tools including website surveys, feedback widgets, in-message surveys, net promotor score (NPS) email surveys and questionnaires. Survicate allows brands to send in-message surveys and collect one-click answers.


SEO for Growth Hackers

As one of the top methods for driving website traffic, it pays to understand how to leverage search engine optimization for company growth -