In the Cloud: Sales Performance Management from Xactly

Xactly today released version 1.6 of its SMB sales compensation management solution Xactly Express.

The self-service sales compensation management software enables users to create sales commission plans, calculate commissions, and export payments to payroll. What makes the release noteworthy is that Xactly Express is delivered in the cloud using the platform, so it can be up and running in a matter of hours. New features within Xactly Express 1.6 include:

Express Estimator: uses the opportunity data in Salesforce CRM to calculate estimated commissions on upcoming sales deals. With the feature, sales reps can model how different products and service mixes will impact pay-outs for specific sales opportunities.

Improved Hold and Releases on Payments: enables outstanding payments to be released through an intuitive interface (in addition to a file import), allowing for better visibility and flexibility in managing the payment of commissions.

High Transaction Volume Support: makes it easier to handle high data volume on several screens, as well as to build and save views, allowing faster and easier access to key data.

"For SMBs, Xactly Express is the affordable answer to eliminating time consuming, error-prone sales commission spreadsheets - allowing them to spend more time selling and focusing on their core competencies," said Christopher Cabrera, president and CEO, Xactly Corporation.

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