Is This the Future of the CRM?

While few will deny that customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most vital components to a successful digital enterprise today, no one knows what the future holds for these important systems. Or do they? 

Pipeliner CRM, known primarily as a "visually-focused" CRM for sales teams, has released a new version of their CRM software (which the company calls Elements) that adds several new and very interesting dimensions to the product and which, in many ways, may signal a new age for customer relationship management systems altogether. Highlighted in the release is Pipeliner's Buyer Center feature, a visualization tool that enables Pipeliner customers to map the organizations they sell into. The Pipeliner Buying Center includes a "relationship graph" of the ways that different contacts and accounts are interconnected, and allows users to designate multiple influencers and decision makers with an opportunity. 

"We've been moving and growing so quickly, we knew it was the right time to take an even larger role in helping CRM evolve," said Nikolaus Kimla. "With our new corporate identity and the product design that accompanies it, our platform takes a quantum leap forward towards becoming the nerve center for businesses and their sales teams."