Is Your CMS Global Ready?

Content management software vendor Day Software and, a provider of translation-related technologies, today announced a joint solution that allows online businesses to create new marketing content, campaign sites or promotions and quickly adjust them to meet regional and linguistic needs. Content is automatically routed by CQ5 (Day Software's content infrastructure solution) to's GlobalLink for immediate translation and a localized experience.

"Driving online brand awareness and demand in new geographies requires tailoring your site and campaigns to the local market," said Kevin Cochrane, chief marketing officer of Day Software. "Marketers need to not only ensure their global web presences and campaigns are offered in appropriate languages, but also that the entire online experience is tailored to the unique requirements of any local market. With both CQ5 and GlobalLink, online marketers now have a best-in-class solution for efficiently managing the globalization process."

Partnerships of this nature are what differentiate commercial content management system from their open-source counterparts. Sure, you can use WordPress or Joomla as a CMS, but are you going to be global ready with those platforms out-of-the-box?