Job Board Software for Websites (Reviews)

The global economy continues to struggle and if you believe that we're fast approaching a severe double-dip style recession/depression, expect the once staid job market to turn white hot. Those most savvy among our readers will see a very viable opportunity and might even consider launching a job board to capitalize on it.

Most of the available job board software solutions feature many of the same core features; what differentiates them is how deep those features go. For example, most of the offerings you will find below offer the ability to have advertisers post job requests, but not all want you to split the revenue with them (typically the difference between a self-hosted or SaaS model). What you'll find here are some of the most popular (if not best) offerings on the market today. If you know of a job board software we missed, let us know by sharing your comment below. - Editor's Choice: Definitely one of the leaders in the job board software market, this SimplyHired offering powers many of the Web's biggest site-specific job boards including The Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek. Full customization and backfill of jobs should make this solution one of your top three choices for sure. In fact, Website Magazine liked it so much we chose it to power Digital Job Seeker.

JobCoin: A very strong contender in the job board software space, this (free) solution features some good controls (over what jobs are shown) and customization features. While the solution won't win any awards for design excellence, its network of sites will ensure that you will at least always have jobs to show. The Jamit Job board is written in PHP and MySQL and is a better choice for those not wanting to showcase backfill job listings, but instead feature their own listings on niche job boards. A long list of features including designated areas for job seekers, employers and administrators makes the lifetime license of $199 worth the investment. With so many powerful free options, this solution doesn't really live up to its $299 price tag. However, those interested in a standalone job board will appreciate access to the source code, the technical support and free installation. Many other noteworthy features including the ability to offer job seekers the opportunity to post resumes are included. Another vendor that is used by some big names including Business Insider, Information Week and Popular Science, this free hosted job board software and integrated ad module (which is both feature-rich and fully customizable) should be another top consideration.

SmartJobBoard: One of the most feature-rich of the job board software solutions profiled, the price of $539 seems a little steep. But again, it deserves a serious look from those looking for way more control and ownership. While this solution offers many of the same features as the others, what makes SmartJobBoard stand out are its Add-ons for Facebook and LinkedIn. And, for just $300 extra, you can even get an iPhone application for your job board. This enterprise-class job board software should only be considered by those very serious about hosting a standalone job or career site. Jobbex features many of the standard features you would expect, plus tools for employers, job seekers and adminsitrators. The cost? $395 per month plus a one-time setup fee.

: This open-source job board software offers quite a few features to get a job site off the ground, including good search functionality, an adminsitration panel, RSS feeds, javascript badges, widgets and more. Jobberbase claims the software has been downloaded over 73,000 times.