Kwanzoo Launches SaaS Platform

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Oct, 2011

Kwanzoo has launched an Saas-based marketing platform that is targeting mid- to large-sized businesses.

The new platform connects prospects across email, websites, social, display, re-targeting and mobile channels. It allows marketers to build and run multi-channel marketing campaigns in order to drive more leads, increase a brand's word-of-mouth mentions and improve sales.

Kwanzoo's cloud-based suite of Smart Marketing Units can be integrated with existing enterprise marketing systems, and is certified on all major ad networks, re-targeting platforms and available for use on platforms from Email Service Providers (ESPs). Additionally, the solution includes polls, surveys, social promotions and opt-in lead forms, as well as provides real-time metrics, analytics and instant campaign modifications.

"In today's marketplace customers are everywhere and you have to catch them and get their attention where they are," says Mani Iyer, chief executive officer of Kwanzoo, Inc. "We see marketers across industries re-tooling their traditional marketing campaigns for an increasingly social and real-time world, while seeking to engage, qualify and convert prospects regardless of their platform or location. Kwanzoo provides robust, scalable and proven engagement marketing solutions for global enterprises."