Lister Launches Three New Software Suites

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Mar, 2012

Software provider Lister E-Business has launched new solution suites for online businesses, including e-marketing, ecommerce and e-services suites.

These solutions are designed to help online businesses grow their customer base, increase revenue, as well as improve customer knowledge and responsiveness.

Here are features of the new suites:

E-marketing - This suite includes tools for data management, campaign implementation and campaign maintenance. These tools are designed to increase customer acquisitions as well as improve marketing efficiency and drive revenue.

Ecommerce -  This suite includes programs for consulting, re-engineering, platform mechanics, content management and re-marketing, which aim at growing the online business while improving customer experience and loyalty.

E-services - This suite features tools for campaign efficiency, site analytics, performance management and backend integration. This suite helps support online business performance, as well as provides the capability to evolve with business dynamics.

"To expand their market opportunities and drive exponential incremental sales, today's e-businesses need to efficiently support the growing expectations of the online consumer," says Kumar Sivaraman, president, Lister E-Business. "Our new solution suites offer revenue driving strategies that can improve marketing efficiency, improve customer experience and loyalty and cost effectively address evolving market demands. As a trusted partner to hundreds of global online businesses, we offer a unique blend of strengths and expertise, paired with the cost savings of an extreme offshore delivery model that is both flexible and proven."