Live Chat Service ClickDesk Adds Skype Integration

ClickDesk, the live chat service currently employed by over 9000 businesses, recently enhanced its solution by integrating Skype functionality into it multichannel customer support plan.

The company was the first live chat software to integrate social communication and voice chat support into its platform, making the inclusion of Skype a natural progression.

Including Skype in its service allows customer agents using the ClickDesk platform to handle support requests from their Skype accounts; this means that the over 663 million Skype users will be able to quickly and efficiently deal with customer support issues as they occur.

"By allowing customer support agents to receive live chat and calls directly over Skype or GTalk, ClickDesk has significantly increased the number of touch points through which your agent can engage with visitors on your website," says ClickDesk's product evangelist Rocky Gupta.

ClickDesk was inspired to consider Skype functionality because the company believes that many of its clients are already using Skype for business endeavors, and that it is only going to continue to grow in popularity for foreseeable future.

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