Motivating Sales Teams with Gamification

Gamification has been relatively popular over the past few years from both a consumer and business standpoint. As more companies roll out the approach to their users, it's important to keep track of developments in the space. 

Zoho today launched Zoho Motivator, a gamification software for helping companies get the best possible performance from their sales teams. The solution could prove appealing as Zoho is one of the only vendors to offer both gamification and CRM capabilities. 

Sales managers using the platform are able to define KPIs such as leads generated and track performance in real-time, encouraging the right sales behavior and activities and driving team engagement.   SUBSCRIBE to Website Magazine - 12 Issues FREE

"Sales is about numbers, and driving desired behavior in salespeople is instrumental to achieve them," said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist of Zoho. "Sales teams often focus squarely on targets and neglect the practices that lets them achieve those targets. Zoho Motivator not only increases revenue by driving desired behavior and improving the sales process, but also makes sure salespeople have fun while they're at it."