New Age Mind Mapping

MindJet has released MindManager 14 for Windows, a new and far more powerful version of the company's desktop productivity software.

Mind mapping software enables users to map out ideas and information visually, starting with a central idea and surrounding it by subtopics or branches. What makes MindJet's new version of MindManager so interesting is that it provides features that aim to improve the ability of businesses to make better decisions, innovating and drive growth by building a more accurate view of the underlying structure of their complex business problems and enterprise projects.

For example, users can now build formulas directly into the map to expand quantitative capabilities, analyzing costs, benefits, risks, leveraging numerical data for budgeting, forecasts, portfolio management, event planning and cost/benefit analysis. The new version of MindManager also includes Dynamic Dashboards, visual decision-making and "what-if" analysis via conditional formatting enables users to automatically color code and highlight topics based on preset criteria and thresholds.

"Businesses routinely rank productivity and innovation as top business priorities, while at the same time struggling to find better ways of making decisions and improving their employees' output," said Mindjet Chief Marketing Officer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff. "MindManager 14 gives individuals and teams a powerful visual whiteboard to clearly understand the impact of new ideas and initiatives, plan for success and see their projects through to completion. Our goal with MindManager 14 is nothing short of dramatically improving an organization's creativity, project planning, performance and innovation."

The mind mapping and business planning software is currently used by more than 2 million professionals, including 83 percent of the Fortune 100.