Nimble Prospecting for Social CRM

Social CRM Nimble has released an update to its Smart Contacts apps, which will provide users greater "on-the-fly" contextual insights about their prospects and the ability to take critical actions to nurture relationships wherever (and however) they work.

The updated Nimble app is now essentially "aware" and will automatically look up contact information based on a social handle or other unique contact identifiers in whatever browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), Web app (Gmail, Outlook Salesforce, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) or mobile app (Apple iOS and Android). Being able to gather contact information and company information in this manner is useful as the gathered data can more intelligently be tied back into the CRM for use in future email and social marketing initiatives.

"CRMs fail due to lack of use. Nobody wants to constantly be in their CRM, manually editing and updating contact records. Nimble is the first relationship platform that automatically creates records with rich insights and logs all email and social interactions," said Jon Ferrara, CEO at Nimble. "With the release of our new Smart Contacts App, we are enabling our customers to bring their relationships with them everywhere they work."