Optimizing the Video Delivery Experience for Brands & Consumers

The type of content being consumed and how end-users are experiencing that content has changed over the years, and today, video on mobile has become quite common.

There are some challenges brands must conquer, however, including network limitations (and the user expectations), but the industry is working on these issues with powerful new technologies and meaningful partnerships.

Video technology provider Kaltura and Akamai Technologies, for example, announced they are extending their Net Alliance partnership in order to combine Akamai's Predictive Content Delivery with Kaltura's TV platform. The solution aims to facilitate predictive on-device caching of content, using smart resource management to download content in the background while a users is on a Wi-Fi connection. The content is downloaded based on each user's profile and history, and offered to the customer for offline viewing on any device regardless of network connection and quality.

"We are pleased to extend our long-standing partnership with Kaltura, and to deliver this exciting new offering to the market," stated John Sconyers, Global Sr. Director, Cloud Services Partners at Akamai.

"By prepositioning video to the device, Predictive Content Delivery removes many of the barriers that discourage on-the-go viewing such as poor network conditions, heavy data usage associated with streaming video and access to available content. It enables an efficient 'download-to-go' solution for mobile apps and allows for offline viewing of videos."