Personalized Marketing for Magento Commerce with AdRoll in Focus

It's not easy being an Internet retailer. Not only do you have to optimize the experience of prospects and customers while on the site, but before they ever even get there.

Fortunately, there are some solutions, more specifically some ecommerce software integrations, which are making quick work of this increasingly common challenge. 

AdRoll, for example, recently announced an new integration with digital commerce platform Magento Commerce that will make it easier for AdRoll customers using the popular ecommerce software an opportunity to solve cart abandonment issues and drive sales through marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Adroll Ad Builder for Magento

An integrated AdRoll and Magento offering will essentially enable retailers to build product recommendation ads in real time and personalize them to individual shoppers. Sellers will then be able to track the sales and revenue impact within the AdRoll platform.

"As industry trailblazers, AdRoll has continued to drive innovation in the leading-edge, online advertising and marketing technologies our customers need to stay ahead of the curve," said Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce. "We are pleased to welcome AdRoll as a Select Technology Partner and look forward to helping our joint merchants achieve revenue growth through personalized marketing."