Personify Connects with Nonprofits

With more than 1.5 million* nonprofit organizations in the United States alone, it's time these groups did a little more with their digital presences, and it seems association management software solution Personify is ready to help with the launch of a series of new products and features today.

+ SharePoint 2013 Content Management System (CMS) Connector: The new "connector" will allows organizations that currently use SharePoint as a CMS solution for their website to use the existing Web controls within Personify360 AMS to include Personify360 e-business Web controls into SharePoint 2013. This includes Group Management, Meetings, Membership, Shopping Cart, Store, Registration, Profile, Promotional Marketing and Site Registration Controls.

+ Personify360 Outlook Plugin 1.3.0. Allows staff members to access and use the customer data found in Personify360 AMS/CRM directly from Outlook to communicate with their constituents, donors and business partners. This data is easily accessible, even for those who do not routinely log into the Personify360 database. The integration helps organizations effectively manage relationships by allowing staff to not only access Personify360 data for Outlook email, appointments, and tasks, but also to selectively save customer correspondences as activity records within Personify360 Contact Tracking

* National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS)