Photo Editing Software for App Developers

Mobile application developers need to differentiate their product (just like everyone else) and a new tool from RadiumOne aims to help them do just that and in a quite creative way.

The company recently launched Photo Effects, a free mobile tool set and SDK that enables app developers to customize and white-label its photo sharing and effects functionality in their apps. What makes Photo Effects appealing is that developers using it can keep all of the revenue generated from in-app purchases and mobile advertising actions that result. Recent research reveals that upwards of 76% of all U.S. iPhone app revenue comes from in-app purchases, indicating that developers that move first, or at least fast, are those positioned to reap the largest monetary rewards.

"One of the key priorities for RadiumOne in 2013 is to invest in building innovative mobile products and tools for app developers and brands," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO at RadiumOne. "Developing value-added mobile tools for app developers is a vital component of this mobile strategy, and Photo Effects is the first of several mobile tools we'll be launching this year."

RadiumOne also released a showcase app called Photo Effects for developers to see the functionality first hand and integrated into popular apps like Voto, FriendCaster and Trendyful.