Plan Event Seating with Self-Service Tool

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 06 Mar, 2014

Eventbrite has unveiled a new self-service reserved seating solution that helps users organize events of all sizes, from comedy shows to spectator sports. 


The solution features Eventbrite's "Seat Designer," which is an interface that allows users to create a realistic seat map via drag and drop technology. Moreover, the solution only requires two clicks on the Web or on mobile devices to complete a purchase.


"At Eventbrite, we are focused on democratizing the massive ticketing industry, and addressing the biggest problems organizers and attendees face: lack of innovation, customer support and high ticketing fees," said Eventbrite CEO and founder, Kevin Hartz. "Reserved seating technology has been broken for years, and it shows in the experience organizers and attendees face today. The industry is hungry for an alternative, and today's launch is our first step in eliminating the pain of outdated and expensive reserved seating tools and replacing them with simple, yet robust technology."


Through the reserved seating solution, event planners can not only create a customized seat map, but also designate a focal point to automatically determine and fill the best seats first. Plus, the solution enables users to save and share seat maps with other organizers, set optimal pricing for each seat, drive advance ticket sales by inspiring attendees to purchase tickets early for the best seats, as well as can be integrated with other Eventbrite tools.


"We challenged ourselves to throw out all assumptions and rethink how reserved seats are sold and bought," said Sean Porter, Senior Director of Product, Platform. "The result progresses Eventbrite's mission to transform arcane and inaccessible tools into solutions that are intuitive and globally available to all event organizers and attendees."