Predict Content Performance Before Writing

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 09 Sep, 2015

After revamping its content marketing platform just a year ago, Inboundwriter is unveiling new functionalities and is reporting a 4x average improvement in its customers' content traffic performance.

The content marketing software uses predictive analytics and big data to forecast how much traffic a piece of content will generate before it is written. In addition to predicting traffic numbers, the platform provides writers with data-driven suggestions to help them create more engaging content for their target audience. The platform also focuses on evergreen content to help writers build consistent traffic over time.

Updates to the InboundWriter platform include a new user-interface, automated performance reporting that is integrated with Google Analytics and enhanced analytics that make it easier for users to find new topics for content creation. What's more, the company plans on launching additional functionality in the coming months, which aims to improve the "ideation" process and make it more efficient for users to find new content topics.

"Often the term 'ground-breaking' gets tossed around lightly, especially when it comes to new products," said InboundWriter CEO, Skip Besthoff. "We are thrilled to have proven, and to continue to prove, that InboundWriter is indeed a disruptive and necessary product in content marketing; a groundbreaker. We look forward to the day when all content marketers discover that predictive content analytics is the first step to successful web content.

According to the company, the Inboundwriter platform has driven an average of 3.8x traffic improvement within the first 90 days of a customer deployment since it was revamped last year - with the smallest measured impact being 1.7x and the highest being 7.7x. What's more, the company has grown its customer base from 20-pilot accounts to more than 100 enterprise account deployments.