Programmatic Market Research with SurveyMonkey & Cint

Without a sufficient amount of data, the insights that are gathered through surveys could be inaccurate or misleading (if not flat out wrong). Fortunately, a popular survey solution is now making it easier to ensure that its clients collect enough responses.

Cint and SurveyMonkey, for example, recently announced a partnership to expand SurveyMonkey Audience offering globally. The arrangement will now provide SurveyMonkey users with access to Cint's global Insights Exchange so they can conduct market research in as many as 100 countries and 16 languages. Now that's how you scale your market research!

Leveraging Cint's Demand API, SurveyMonkey Audience will provide an opportunity to target and curate global audiences in one "fluid and programmatic end to end user experience." With 24/7 access to millions of qualified respondents internationally, businesses can run global market research in minutes and get answers in hours or days rather than weeks or months according to the announcement.

"We are thrilled to partner with SurveyMonkey to provide SurveyMonkey Audience users a programmatic and simple way to conduct effective market research globally, and at scale," said Jake Wolff, Executive Vice President - Americas, Cint. "SurveyMonkey excels at delivering actionable insights faster, and more efficiently than traditional methods. Providing a platform to expand their mission to even more countries exemplifies Cint's value proposition. We look forward to continued success together."