Q&A For Every Page of Your Site

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 14 Oct, 2014

AnswerDash is helping businesses provide better customer support on their websites, as the company has unveiled general availability for its Q&A software.


The software aims to help website visitors find the information they need via point-and-click "answer layer" technology. The answer layer resides atop website or Web application content and can be accessed via a tab labeled "Q&A" on the side of the page. When selected, the tab enables users to get their questions answered immediately without having to change pages or sort through a website's "help" page. According to the company, AnswerDash improves the customer experience and can increase sales, reduce customer churn, lower support costs and provide valuable customer insights to businesses.


When featured on websites and Web applications, AnswerDash's search technology retrieves the most relevant Q&A related to the item on the page that is selected. Plus, site visitors can ask new questions too, and once the company responds to a question the response becomes part of the growing answer layer for all future visitors.


AnswerDash also integrates with existing online helpdesk systems, live chat solutions and knowledgebases. For instance, AnswerDash can hand off a visitor's question to the website's live chat system when necessary, which can make the business's live chat initiatives more effective.


It is also important to note that AnswerDash works across devices, provides clients with control over the featured Q&A content and can also be leveraged to feature rich content, such as links, images and videos within answers. Moreover, the solution integrates into websites easily and can be customized, as well as enables retailers to measure the impact the Q&A technology has on their conversion rates.