Rank Enterprise Content with Inboundwriter

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 16 Nov, 2012

Producing quality content is easier said than done. This is why content optimization platform Inboundwriter has launched a new enterprise software tier that is designed specifically for assisting medium and large-sized organizations.

"When we first launched InboundWriter in 2011, the core functionality was aimed at individual writers; however, we soon discovered that enterprise users large and small were seeking us out and using InboundWriter with more advanced workflows," said Alexander Balva, VP of engineering. "We recognized that we have a large opportunity to broaden our product footprint and significantly enhance our value proposition."

The Inboundwriter platform provides writers with search and social Web insights so that they can better understand what topics their readers find most interesting. Additionally, the platform provides writers with keyword and topic information, so they can maximize their content's value. In fact, every article written within Inboundwriter receives a score, based on aspects such as topic focus, title, images and most frequently mentioned terms. According to Inboundwriter CEO Skip Besthoff, this helps enterprises discover which departments or writers are doing well with content creation, as well as assists them in identifying the departments and writers that can improve upon their content.

The company's new enterprise offering includes API integration, live end-user support, a more precise recommendation engine and RankAbove analytics. The company also partnered with blogging tool Zemanta, in order to help writers find complementary images, which don't infringe on copyright laws, for their articles. Furthermore, although InboundWriter was initially a single-user tool geared toward bloggers and individual writers, the enterprise launch introduces multiuser functionality, which enables administrators, such as a Web editor or content manager, to review all of the writers' articles and scores.

By optimizing content, businesses can dramatically increase traffic and engagement rates. For example, a recent Inboundwriter study revealed that writers who leveraged the content optimization platform found a 17 percent increase in conversions, a 153 percent increase in time-on-page metrics and a 29-33 percent increase in search traffic.

"InboundWriter has displayed remarkable innovation, having pioneered a scalable, automated platform that empowers writers to optimize content as part of their natural workflow," said Besthoff. "I'm thrilled with the advancements in our product and the results we drive for customers."