Say Goodbye to Your Microsoft Access Database

Online database platform Caspio launched an Access Migration Kit which provides tools and services for developers to integrate their Microsoft Access databases online. 


Last week Microsoft launched Office 2010 and one of the key features is enabling users to stay connected to their office applications on-the-go. The problem is that Office 2010 does not provide the ability to easily create web-based apps using Microsoft Access because it requires a multi-step integration with a SharePoint server. Caspio to the rescue. 


"Microsoft Office 2010 is an exciting release; however Access developers are still challenged to find a viable solution for web-centric data management," said Caspio founder and CEO, Frank Zamani. "Caspio's cloud platform provides what's missing in Microsoft Access, allowing for easy online databases and web app creation."


Features of the migration kit include:


- Built-in import and export functions that can read and write Microsoft Access MDB format files.


- The ability to publish imported data to any website, SharePoint and content management systems (CMS), hosted anywhere through reports or interactive searchable apps.


- Point-and-click tools that allow for the application interface design to be completed without programming.


- A SOAP-compatible API that allows developers to extend the capabilities of their online apps with any programming or scripting language, including ASP, ASP.Net, and VB.Net.


- A highly-scalable online platform that supports up to two million records in each table and serves thousands of users simultaneously.