Secure and Timely Cloud Data Transfers with Discovery Cloud WIRE

The most widely voiced concern about cloud computing is the transfer of critical data and records. Obviously security is an important topic, as is timely delivery in many cases, and cloud service providers have been working hard to try to find the best way to resolve both of these issues.

Cloud-based regulatory, compliance and litigation software provider Nextpoint is the latest company to take on the task with the release of Discovery Cloud WIRE (which stands for Web-services Infrastructure for Records Exchange).

This new solution promises "secure and immediate" delivery of relevant electronic records and will be available for free to users of Nextpoint's Discovery Cloud litigation software platform. WIRE will deliver cloud-based data collections to parties involved in the litigation process, such as judges, opposing counsel or experts.

Nextpoint promises that Discovery Cloud WIRE "reduces complexity and cost in the production of electronic evidence" and will cut out a lot of the excessive time and monetary investments needed to transfer crucial records.

The system works by having users create a secure "clone" database of the digital data in question. This new database can be made available to authorized parties to review or export to the platform of their choice. As an added security measure, the service will verify data delivery, protect privileged information from disclosure and retain any available document metadata for review.