Selling Digital Goods on Magento

Marketers have one more reason to take a look at Magento. The platform has partnered with ifeelgoods, a service which offers brands and retailers the ability to offer digital goods such as Facebook Credits or Skype minutes as incentives for customer actions including purchases, registrations and social media engagement.

"In digital goods, marketers have found a new strategy that lowers their costs, increases conversions and creates social media engagement," Bob Schwartz, President of Magento said. "Ifeelgoods has developed a product that makes it easy for retailers and brands to enjoy the benefits of this new and innovative approach to marketing."

There are clearly a lot of benefits to offering incentives in exchange for user activity. For example, advertisers could increase CTR and improve cost performance by offering digital goods/freebies. It's not difficult to see that it could help in spurring virality and engagement in social media and apps. Plus, it adds a layer of "gamification" when done well which can only benefit the shopping and buying experience - something (gamification) which is certainly on the minds of advertisers, retailers and publishers - everyone.


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