Springbot Delivers Demographic Data to Magento Merchants

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 Feb, 2015

Ecommerce marketing platform Springbot has unveiled a new extension for Magento merchants to help them better understand the audience they are marketing to.

The extension, dubbed FreeDemographicSnapshot, enables marketers to quickly obtain a snapshot of their store's demographic data. The extension automatically examines a sample of a merchant's customers to provide a demographic snapshot, with the full demographic report including data on customers' age, gender, household, income, marital and home ownership status. By understanding this demographic data, merchants can improve the customer experience, personalize messages and promotions, as well as increase conversions and return on investment (ROI).

"Online shoppers and visitors are bombarded with marketing messages - if your message doesn't resonate with them, they'll quickly tune you out," said Brooks Robinson, CEO of Springbot. "Demographic data equips marketers with the data they need to understand their customers, fine-tune their messages and architect effective marketing campaigns that generate ROI."

It is important to note that Springbot has partnered with demographic data analytics provider TowerData to deliver the free extension to the Magento ecosystem. The extension aims to bring the same type of demographic data that large retailers use every day to medium- and small-sized merchants.

"Understanding customers is the first and most critical element for any merchant looking for deeper customer engagement and FreeDemographicSnapshot provides a quick report based on real data," said Phil Davis, CBO of TowerData. "Business owners are always looking for new applications to optimize their marketing and increase revenue, and Springbot's latest tool does just that."