STAT WATCH: Product Management In Focus

Product management is an increasingly important discipline for high-growth technology companies, yet there is some confusion as to what it entails, and little research that shows how the field is evolving., however, has released some interesting research on the role of product management in technology organizations.

Perhaps most surprising about the practice is that a majority of software product leaders aren't particularly technical. The survey found that 57% of product leaders have a business background rather than a software development or design background.

The research also revealed that product management responsibilities are incredibly broad, particularly in smaller organizations. Many product leaders report responsibility for go-to-market strategy and execution, customer success, and even revenue marketing. 

"While some of the findings validate what we imagined but didn't know for sure, others were surprising or even alarming," said Jake Sorofman, CMO at Pendo. "Our goal was to put some definition around this often misunderstood role, dispelling myths and shining light on how product leaders think and act."

Pendo is well suited to research of this nature. The product experience platform is designed to help product teams deliver software; for example, understanding product usage, collecting feedback, measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score), onboarding users, and announcing new features.