Subscription Solution for Software/Game Publishers [Software]

Ecommerce solution provider Digital River just introduced an online subscription solution for software and game publishers.

The solution builds upon the existing subscription capabilities of Digital River's global commerce engine, but includes additional marketing capabilities and deeper administration functions designed to help publishers grow with a more predictable revenue stream.

Publishers using the platform can customize subscription models based on time and units, use subscriber self-service tools, leverage renewal marketing capabilities, accept pre-orders and handle changes in service levels and suspending or re-instating subscriptions.

"The shift from offline to online subscriptions is happening in earnest among software and game publishers - and Digital River has the infrastructure and expertise to help publishers make this technology leap," said Joel Ronning, Digital River's CEO. "We've taken a familiar and traditional service model and brought it online with automated and advanced capabilities that enable publishers to run their businesses and service their customers with a whole new level of efficiency. And because we've integrated our best-of-breed subscription technology with our ecommerce platform, publishers can now manage reoccurring revenue business models in a single construct. What we have created is yet another lucrative way for publishers to monetize their products."