The Demand for Convenient and Contextual Interactions via Text

People are always on their mobile devices, so it makes sense they'd want to interact with brands in a way that is convenient and contextual, like texting for more towels when staying at a hotel. One way for companies to keep up with this growing (albeit slowly) demand is through chatbots to automate routine interactions.

OpenMarket today revealed the results of its new global chatbots report. The company polled 1,500 mobile users in the U.S. and UK on their current experiences with, and preferences for, engaging with businesses via chatbots and SMS text messaging. The results reveal that there's a vast opportunity for businesses to harness SMS-powered chatbots to enhance customer satisfaction. The findings discovered that financial services is the top industry in which consumers would like to see better customer experiences and engagement opportunities via SMS (49 percent), followed by retail (27 percent) and travel and hospitality (24 percent).

Take a look at more results in the infographic below:

SMS and chatbots

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