The Essential Tool for Content Curators Just Got Better

Alexie Harris
by Alexie Harris 16 Jan, 2023

Popular RSS reader Feedly, which has expertly filled the void after Google Reader abruptly abandoned their tool (which was dumb on a scale unprecedented in the history of Google), has released several updates that are worthy of note.

The solution has introduced Boards, a feature that makes it possible for content curators to save and organize stories they discover and share them with others. The Boards feature is intended to become a library of important stories that users find on Feedly. Individual users will be able to create new Personal Boards, while Feedly Team users will see separate lists in the navigation for both Personal and Team Boards.

Feedly also introduced notes and highlights, which will likely be a welcome addition. As knowledge workers and content developers will know, it's common to encounter something in your Feedly feed that sparks an idea. With this recent round of updates, Feedly Pro and teams users will now be able to "enrich" the stories they discover using notes and highlights. Teammates will be able to read and review the notes others append and even add their own.