TouchCommerce Helps Brands Add Live Chat to Native Mobile Apps

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 11 Sep, 2015

Customer engagement solutions provider TouchCommerce has updated its Conversation Platform, unveiling a flexible integration framework and new APIs.

With the update, TouchCommerce customers will be able to leverage new integration capabilities and benefit from rapid deployment. For example, brands can add the TouchCommerce live chat experience to any of their native mobile apps. Moreover, users will be able to integrate with third-party APIs for reading from and writing to any external service.

"As the core foundation of our technology ecosystem, the TouchCommerce Conversation Platform enables various technologies and areas of operation to interconnect effortlessly in order to help brands engage their customers on any channel, anytime, anywhere," said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce. "With our latest updates, the customer experience we have developed integrates even more easily with brands' existing systems and is more flexible on the back-end for helping brands understand, serve and convert their customers."

It is important to note that the updates to the TouchCommerce Conversation Platform can help brands provide a consistent customer experience across channels and systems. Learn more about the new APIs and integration framework below:

* RightTouch Flexible Integration Framework - With this framework, enterprises can integrate available client and third-party data into the RightTouch system. This release focuses on advancing how third-party content is displayed to customers and agents within the RightTouch user experience (UX).

* Customer and Agent Engagement APIs - By defining formal communication between any interface in which a customer is chatting and the RightTouch engine, the APIs enable third parties to integrate the TouchCommerce live chat and agent console functionality into their applications. This accelerates the integration for TouchCommerce clients and partners.

* Invitation API - With this API, users can generate custom invitations to be displayed via any medium, leading to a chat engagement, an automated guide, a video or a targeted offer connecting consumer journey touchpoints. The latest updates not only streamline the targeted RightTouch engagement experience across all channels, but also extend the targeting capabilities of the TouchCommerce platform beyond online engagement.

* Reporting API - This API provides users with the ability to extract RightTouch engagement metrics (such as targeted, engaged, converted) and conversation data in real time into external systems. Plus, this release can be used to integrate TouchCommerce data with a variety of reporting applications and dashboards.

The updated Conversation Platform has already been leveraged by TouchCommerce customers, with the in-app mobile live chat capability being a popular and welcomed feature. Additionally, one TouchCommerce client has leveraged the Customer Engagement API to incorporate RightTouch live chat functionality and reporting into their own SMS system. In this case, end-user chats are routed through the API into the RightTouch engine, which assigns the chat session to an agent. Then, the chat response is routed back through the SMS gateway and delivered to the customer as an SMS message.

With the updated Conversation Platform, brands are able to reduce customer service costs, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction via the flexible, connected and integrated framework and APIs. This helps brands better serve customers across the common omnichannel journey.