Tracking Video Engagement Data with Vidyard & Marketo

Marketers are increasing their investment in video, but many still lack the tools to understand who is watching what and how their assets are contributing to the bottom line - but that's beginning to change.

Video and marketing analytics platform Vidyard just announced that more than 100 business customers are using its integration into the Marketo engagement and marketing platform, for example, providing those brands an opportunity to identify viewers across their digital properties and use "second-by-second" video engagement data to generate new leads, quality prospects and provide sales team with context to close more deals.

"We're proud to hit this milestone of 100 unique customers fully utilizing Vidyard's integration with the Marketo platform to generate more revenue," said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. "These customers are already using video analytics to boost conversion rates and generate more pipeline, while new technologies like personalized video and live streaming -- both fully integrated with Marketo -- offer new ways to attract, engage, qualify and convert buyers faster than ever."

Companies including Altium, Elsevier, Gainsight, Insight, PatientKeeper, Sharp, TalentWise, Taulia and Zuora are just some of those using the Vidyard-Market integration.

"With greater focus on video as part of our digital marketing strategy, Vidyard gives us the analytics and flexibility we need," said Bruce Petillo, director of marketing at Insight, a Fortune 500-ranked provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions.

"The ease to implement script on our pages and being able to add YouTube videos to the Vidyard templates allow for a seamless look and feel. Through the integration between Marketo and Vidyard, we identify leads who are watching our videos and further target them with more relevant information."