Typekit Now Available for Adobe ID Users

Popular font provider Typekit, purchased by Adobe back in October, has received an update that allows webmasters and designers to access its non-standard fonts using an Adobe ID.

Now, current Adobe ID holders are able to sign in to Typekit with their previously registered username and password. It also encourages others to take the time to sign up for an Adobe ID, making it possible for them to take advantage of Adobe's Creative Cloud service launching in the next few months.

This also means that Typekit users can utilize Adobe ID support, which has been reflected in a recent update of the Typekit terms of use that have moved to the standard Adobe privacy policy, bringing it in line with Adobe's traditional practices and opening the door for new features in the future.

Those old-school Typekit users who want to carry on using their current Typekit logins will be allowed to do so, although the terms of use changes will still apply.

In addition to updating the privacy policy, Adobe has disabled the use of third-party Web analytics within kits, which had been used to gather data about the "browser landscape," as well as traffic across the various kits. Third-party analytics tools have been removed from all of the kits published after September 12 of last year.

Typekit has also announced that all night weights (and corresponding italics) of Darden Studio's Jubilat font are now available in its library.