Unlocking a Massive Competitive Advantage in International Markets

Gwen Sinclair
by Gwen Sinclair 13 Oct, 2017
There's a whole wide Web out there but chances are good that your enterprise only serves audiences in one country and in one particular language.

There are reasons for that of course, namely that the required translation, internationalization and localization is simply too challenging, but perhaps it's time for some technical innovation. 

While testing can quickly help brands deliver an optimized experiences in their native language, the same can be difficult when they don't actually speak/use the language they need to be testing in. That's about to change thanks to a new user research offering from Userlytics. The company just launched a multilingual remote user testing services, allowing for native language online usability testing in any country and in any language. 

Building on its unique picture-in-picture (PiP) qual & quant online user testing service, the new capability allows customers to request Userlytics deliver the UX test script in the local language, including the landing page and the user interface (UI), or alternatively, provide international usability testing participants who can provide user experience feedback in English.

"User Experience is the lever that can unlock a massive competitive advantage in international markets," said Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics. "The ability to conduct online international user testing in multiple native languages is a capability the UX market has long been clamoring for."