Visible Technologies Launches SMB Social Insight Solution

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Feb, 2012

Social media monitoring, analytics and engagement software and services provider Visible Technologies has launched a new social media insight solution for small and mid-sized businesses called VI, àôLite, which can be easily integrated into existing digital strategies.

And in addition to the launch of the company's new insight solution, Visible Technologies also announced added engagement features to its Visible Intelligence platform, as well as launched a social performance dashboard called V, ‚àö‚Ć‚àö¬•IQ.

The enhancements in the Visible Intelligence platform include improved sentiment capabilities, which cater to the needs of enterprise customers by enabling them to better manage conversations and interactions with customers. Furthermore, the new V, àôIQ dashboard helps users view social data from various sources within one dashboard.

"We continue to push product innovation for enterprise customers who rely on the Visible Intelligence platform for listening, analyzing, and engaging with consumers in the fast paced social media market," says Kelly Pennock, CEO of Visible Technologies. "With VI, àôLite we've leveled the playing field for small to medium sized businesses by providing access to the same technology being used by large enterprises. A key to this is having a real-time understanding of what the market is saying and making better informed decisions based on social data."