Web Trends Brings a Real-Time Stream of Customer Data to SDL

Customer experience management provider SDL and analytics and optimization solution Webtrends have joined forces to help marketers improve customer engagement.

SDL users can now tap into WebTrends Streams, a real-time intelligence engine that makes it possible to conduct multichanel customer analysis and deliver personliazed content for customers (website visitors). Marketers will be able to see actions in the very moment when the customer is navigating and engaging with digital properties, tracking marketing campaigns at the individual visitor level, understanding those interactions and, with any luck, improve segmentation efforts over time.

"Webtrends has evolved marketing into a real-time opportunity to interact with individual customers with highly personalized content. This ability both strengthens and integrates seamlessly with the SDL platform," said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends. "By blending Webtrends Streams with the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite, brands will gain a new understanding of their customers and have the ability to immediately respond to their needs in a way that is relevant to them and in turn drive conversions and customer loyalty."