Getting Started with the Adobe Business Catalyst Platform

By Linda Greenwald, Marketing Technology, Inc.

The Adobe Business Catalyst website platform provides an opportunity for small- and medium-sized businesses to have a self-manageable website with integrated business solution tools under a single hosting plan. 

Give Your Client a Website With Integrated Online Business Management Tools 

Adobe Business Catalyst provides an opportunity for the website developer to provide a custom designed all-in-one business website and online marketing solution without having to tackle third-party integrations.

No constrictive theme frameworks with Business Catalyst. Start with a pre-designed template or use HTML /CSS to develop a custom look and feel for the website. Preserve consistency with templates, pages and modules.

Search engine optimization features include 301 redirects, SEO friendly URLS, customizable meta-tags and Google's webmaster tools.

This software as a solution (SaaS) platform includes integrated modules for content management, customer relationship management, blogging, email accounts, email marketing, ecommerce, analytics and hosting all accessible from the dashboard.

Content Management System - CMS

Content editing is easy with page editing and real-time WYSIWYG editing. The client has access to page content but not page template design making it is easy for the client to manage Web page content without disturbing the page design.

New Web pages are easy for the client to create. Design consistency is maintained by selecting the desired page template. Search engine friendly features include SEO friendly URLS, 301 redirects, customizable meta-tags, and Google's webmaster tools.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM and Web Forms


Business Catalyst's CRM and Web forms are linked. Customer actions taken on the website such as filling out a lead generation form, downloading an e-book or making a product purchase are captured in the CRM database. Web forms and system generated workflow notifications are easy to create without coding.


Web Forms

The Administrative Console enables management of customer details, Web form submissions, email subscriptions, ecommerce orders, secure zone subscriptions and more. Detailed customer activity reports can be generated and exported for offline analysis.  


Ecommerce capabilities for an SEO-friendly online store are built into the Business Catalyst platform making it easy to set up an online storefront for your client.

Built-in inventory management for the sale of physical products. Upload digital products for purchase. Online store set-up is a turn-key experience with easy billing and shipping integration. 

Discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking and affiliate programs are sales tools that will help your client grow their business. Automate recurring orders for businesses such as subscription services. 

Manage orders with the integrated CRM. Every order and activity is linked to a unique customer record.

Email Marketing

Set up once-off campaigns and automate a newsletter series for your client. Customer interactions with the website are captured in the CRM making it easy to build a database. Your client can send personalized email marketing campaigns to targeted recipient lists. They can track open rates, click-through rates and customer actions after click-through.

Built-In Modules

Meet your client's business requirements and desire to self-manage their website by using Business Catalyst's wide range of built-in modules.

- Blog: Set up the blog module and integrate social sharing.

- Site Search Engine: Set up one search engine or more by inserting the search module on a page.

- Menu Building: Use point and click approach to add menu items and insert the module inside a page or template. Newly added items will appear on the website.

- Photo Galleries: Designate your "gallery" folder and insert the module on a page for an instant photo gallery.

- Ad Rotators: Rotate advertisements in HTML, Flash or image format. Track ROI.

- Event Management: Easily collect bookings for a performance, class or other event with payment collection if required. Set capacity limits and automate follow-up emails.

Adobe Business Catalyst offers all this and much more. 

Consider your client's online business management needs and make your next website design and development project an Adobe Business Catalyst integrated online business solution website.

About the Author:

Linda Greenwald is Director of Business Development for Marketing Technology, Inc., an Adobe Business Catalyst website development partner and Internet marketing agency located in Silver Spring, Md. Marketing Technology, Inc. provides website design and development, SEO and social media marketing services for small to medium size businesses located in the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond. Learn more at