Why Technology Makes Serving Your Customers Easier

Gemma Baker
by Gemma Baker 16 Jan, 2023

We have all heard about or even experienced days before the Internet, where to make contact with a company you would have to look up their number in the Yellow Pages, which meant many consumers would shop locally.

Now we can look up any organization within minutes and do business with them even if they are located on the other side of the world. The introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web has opened up many doors for companies and consumers alike - and enterprises must respond with the technology that supports everyone's endeavors.

Opening up Communication

Language barriers have been overcome with online translators being able to change one language to another. In 2016 Google commented "its new tool is 60 percent more accurate than the old Google Translate tool." This helps everyday users to communicate successfully regardless of the language(s) they speak.

Automatic translations are offered on websites, if the page is detected in a different language to their default browser, this is to make the site accessible to the visitor. Google Translate can also be used in conjunction with live chat, an instant communication channel, where visitors can get their questions answered in real-time via text based messages.

Speeding up Interactions

Live chat helps to increase businesses productivity and engagement rates. Many customers prefer to use this communication channel and representatives can handle more inquiries at any one time via live chat than phone call or email. Automated functionality within live chat helps to increase operators' response times, as they can provide answers from suggested replies or select a URL to redirect them to at a click of a button.

Technology has also enabled consumers to share their thoughts online through social media, where anyone can read their opinions of a service or product. This can be particularly good or damaging to a company's reputation, but can also help them to improve their business by making their best better or raising their standards.

Social media platforms should be monitored regularly, with some organizations having a dedicated person or team ready to respond, as consumers expect a speedy reply.

supportMonitoring Engagements

Regardless of how the visitor inquires, customer relationship management (CRM) systems have digitized the Filofax and enables businesses to keep extensive records for all of their customers with the ability to recall them at a moment's notice.

Having your visitor's history in front of your representatives means they can be aware of any previous conversations, issues or important notes, and they can refer back to them if they need to without having to ask the customer for more information, allowing for a smoother interaction as the customer will be more satisfied not having to repeat themselves.

Companies can also use platforms and software to track visitors as they browse your website in real-time, allowing you to monitor their location, entry point on your website, what pages they have viewed and their duration etc. The visitor activity is recorded and can be reported on to get an overall idea of how your visitors are getting to your website and their behavior whilst browsing. 

Technology has made it easier for companies to serve their customers quickly and with high levels of satisfaction; it has also opened up their potential client base allowing them to market globally.

What technology has your company implemented and is it now an important lifeline? Let me know in the comments.

About the Author
Gemma Baker is the marketing executive for UK chat box for website provider, Click4Assistance, where Baker brings a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.