Will Google's Sidebar Ads Ever Return?

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Digital advertisers did a double-take at Google AdWords announcement they are removing ads from the right hand sidebar of its search results page. 

The change impacts SEO professionals and advertisers alike. Instead of seeing AdWords PPC listings in the sidebar, users will either be presented a blank space, Product Listing Ads or the Knowledge Graph results. 

Those same users will also see more at the top of the actual search results from three links to four. SEOs will see their coveted first position bumped down from the initial field of view (when a sufficient amount of ads are in play) and advertisers will have fewer spots to bid for (which will drive up the cost per click over time). 

Will the right-hand side ever return? Share your thoughts on this development with a comment below!

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PeterD 02-28-2016 12:10 PM

Who knows if they will ever return?

And does it really matter?

Here's what we know and what does matter.

Google is in it for the money.

Google is in it for the long haul.

They will do ANYTHING to increase (or at least maintain) their profitability and market share.

Google endlessly fiddles with their algorithm and user experience...staying ahead of technology and the mastering the psychology of their users.

Google considers any ROI we advertisers make above advertising a missed opportunity for them to suck the life blood out of our businesses. (Yes, Google is evil. They want as much of our money as they can get.)

Our only long-term defense is to position ourselves where we can make money on the back end...profiting even if our Adwords advertising results in giving ALL the up front profit to Google.

Does that suck? Hell yes.

But...like my momma always used to say, "Life isn't fair."

And neither is Google.

Brighton Implant Clinic 02-28-2016 9:03 PM

This is a concern... There is always a supply and demand and when something is in demand, tighten the supply. There are many other options. Thanks for the information.

MichaelF 02-29-2016 9:57 AM

Doubtful. As the decreased paid ad slots increases the competition to be at the top of the page, Google is confident it will significantly increase the biddings and the CPC and generate higher revenue,

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