50 Top Digital Advertising Networks to Explore

It is all but impossible for a digital business today to acquire the customers needed to sustain their enterprise without engaging in some manner of advertising.

While in a perfect world customers would auto-magically flock to our Web and mobile properties and, moreover, aid in the acquisition of new business through their referrals over time, that is not the reality (nor has it ever been).

For a majority of enterprises, advertising is the only way. Search engines, email, and social media destinations provide a powerful means by which businesses can raise awareness and drive new visitors to a website, but thanks to numerous amazing advancements in technology over the past fifteen years - and a familiarity with user expectations among the digerati - few channels are more effective than Internet advertising today.

In the offline world businesses have a variety of options when it comes to where and when advertising dollars are spent - and it's no different in the digital realm. In fact, there are actually far more options. That can make it difficult of course - particularly for those new to advertising, short on time (or interest), or those with limited budgets.

The sophistication and complexity of many digital advertising opportunities require deep pockets, an open mind and in some instances an adventurous spirit. But that's why the digital world fascinates so many of us. With a little virtual elbow grease, a commitment to trying new techniques and tactics (and don't forget channels), and an ongoing dedication to always serving a prospective audience well - there is simply no replacement for advertising - nor will there ever be.

There is no limit to the destinations and platform where advertisers can turn to attract customers - from performance- based affiliate networks to bid for placement search engines, exclusive display advertising networks to emerging mobile ad platforms. While few of these providers ever become a familiar name in the broader public sphere, they are still amazingly capable in some instances of serving new (or existing prospects) to advertisers.

In this edition of Website Magazine, readers will find fifty of the top digital advertising network to explore today, and in the months and years ahead. But as any savvy Web worker knows, there are well over fifty that can - and should - be considered as promotional opportunities and marketing channels. For this reason,