Advertise to the Right Consumer at the Right Moment

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 29 May, 2015

Consumers today are bombarded by a variety of mobile devices whether they are surfing the Web or in an app.

In order to foster greater engagement form consumers marketers must strive to serve the most relevant ads at the most opportune moments.

Swrve, a mobile marketing automation company, has recently announced new Advanced Targeting Technology for marketers of mobile apps.

Through the new technology marketers are able to create an infinite number of target groups within their app user base ranging from purchase history, demographic information and user behavior within the app. Swrve also provides marketers with the ability to send messages at specific points in a user's journey including when they first performed a specific event or if they performed an event during a specific time period.

"The real power of Swrve has always been in the segmentation," said Damon Gura, CEO of DGN Games. "Just being able to send a campaign isn't enough. Swrve enables us to factor in the recency of any event or a combination of events when targeting campaigns, meaning they are ultra-effective when it comes to driving mobile revenue."