Adwords for P2P: revenue source for the music industry

For marketers seeking to reach a voracious audience of entertainment consumers, the old solutions - MTV, radio and pop culture magazines -- are no longer solely sufficient.  There's a massive groundswell of consumers who use the Internet for instant gratification, whether through YouTube videos, MySpace sites or even the world of Peer to Peer (P2P) sites, where they can download the latest music, film and gaming releases at the click of a mouse.

Now imagine if there were a service whereby marketers could align their products with the most requested releases across the entire P2P spectrum.

Enter P2PWords, an innovation from Brand Asset Digital.

P2PWords is to the P2P universe what Google's AdWords is to the search world.  Indeed, Google has built a $16 billion business by enabling marketers to bid on search keywords that trigger their ads; they only have to pay when their ads are clicked on.  P2PWords takes the same disruptive business model and applies it to the P2P world, giving marketers the ability to bid and pay-per-click when their content is selected during a P2P search.  The world's first and only Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform for P2P Search, P2PWords provides access to over 30 billion user-initiated monthly searches.

Like any new application, P2PWords has learned from its predecessors.  Google and others place their results as text ads around their web search results, triggering a new website when their links are clicked.  With P2Pwords, the search result is retrieved and embedded within the specific results the user has requested.  P2PWords provides exclusive, relevant content, guaranteeing much higher conversion rates.

Like AdWords, P2PWords is self-service; users can log on to, upload their information and go.

Sure, the P2P space has been around for a while (since Napster's late 90s inception); so it's understandable that P2PWords might be greeted with some skepticism.  However, there is a lot of sophistication under the covers.  Brand Asset Digital has built a system called Optimon, which lives at the protocol level and is the most robust, scalable architecture ever created among P2P protocols.  Optimon enables the platform to adapt to where the traffic moves, following users from one client to another to guarantee the highest volume of targeted impressions.  If the search traffic leaves a client like Limewire tomorrow, it just moves to another service -- and so does P2Pwords.

Finally, it's important to note that P2Pwords clients will have direct, unparalleled access to consumer data. 

All this from Brand Asset Digital. P2PWords was co-founded by Joey P (INTENT Media Works) and Tim Hogan (Beyond Media and P2P Engineering), in partnership with Chris Lighty of Brand Asset Group/Violator Management (50 Cent, Diddy, LL Cool J).  I'm going to email separately a one-sheet presentation and some press releases for your perusal.