Launch PPC Campaigns More Efficiently with SearchForce

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Dec, 2011

The Automated Campaign Builder from performance-based technology solution provider SearchForce is designed for advertisers that manage campaigns based on product inventory files.

Part of the complete SearchForce platform, it automatically accesses an advertiser's inventory data to assure that PPC campaigns are launched in an efficient way.

"It's a tedious, cumbersome process to match up large product files and catalogues with relevant online marketing campaigns for availability-based selling," says SearchForce President Dhiren DSouza. "With just this one powerful tool, our retailing clients can see up to a 10-fold increase in efficiency."

Advertisers can feed the Automated Campaign Builder their own inventory files (in almost any format) for automatic uploading to the platform, allowing PPC marketing teams to do the following:

  • Create and automatically modify campaigns and creative, using native feed file formats and existing campaign templates
  • Automatically create keywords from seed words located in product names and descriptions
  • Reuse and adjust campaigns, based on changes in inventory status
  • Quickly review campaign status, history and results
  • Dynamically update creatives based on frequently changing offers