Bing Ads Intelligence Drops Two Features

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 31 Dec, 2015

Starting January 1, 2016, Bing is discontinuing the Auction Insights and Opportunities tabs within Bing Ads Intelligence (BAI).

Although both features will still be accessible within the Bing Ads Web user interface (UI), they will no longer be available in BAI. To access Auction Insights in the Bing Ads Web UI, users can visit the "details" drop-down menu in the Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords tabs. From there, users can also export the Auction Insights as a report. Conversely, users can find Broad Match Opportunities in the "opportunities" tab in the Bing Ads Web UI, where they can see keywords and potential search queries, as well as export them as they would in BAI.

Bing also notes the differences between the Bing Ads Web UI version of Auction Insights and Opportunities. For starters, Auction Insights in the Bing Ads web UI enables users to select campaigns, ad groups and keywords to reference their performance inline. In BAI, however, users could only select Auction Insights by their names without reviewing performance metrics. On the other hand, Opportunities in the Bing Ads UI enables users to view the data at an account level or at a campaign level with sorting and filtering done through a table in the Bing Ads UI. Users can also dismiss the opportunities they don't want or apply the selected opportunities only. For reference, users could only get the account level Broad Match Opportunities in BAI, with sorting and filtering done through Excel. Users also couldn't dismiss opportunities and could only "apply all" at an account level.