Call-to-Action Buttons Add Value to Videos

Receive a better return on investment (ROI) from your videos with a new email widget from StreamSend.


The email marketing service provider's new widget gives businesses the ability to turn videos into advertisements by adding call-to-action buttons within existing videos. Then, videos can be emailed out as only a call-to-action button. This can help increase the video's audience, because StreamSend's Email+Video offering enables videos to be played directly within email messages, so that viewers aren't sent to watch the video at another location. This also provides businesses with the opportunity to track video viewing statistics, which can help them optimize future messages according to customers' interests.


"This new capability lets businesses add value to any video by quickly turning it into an engagement piece that attracts response and increases conversion rates," said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. "Senders can turn any video into an ad that captures that visual impact as a sales piece, and there's no limit to how far it can be shared with other potential prospects."


As mentioned, businesses can add call-to-action buttons to any existing video, including YouTube videos, in order to create an advertising message that can be sent as an email, posted on a blog and on numerous other sites. The call-to-action buttons can be made to send customers to an order page, to print out a coupon, to sign up for a mailing list and more. Additionally, senders can add share icons that allow viewers to share videos on social networks, as well as within emails and blogs.